You guessed it! It's Wallet Hub again.

This time they tried to rate the best and worst cities and states to start a business in.

When it came to the two biggest cities in Wyoming, they gave them both poor ratings.

Problem #1: The person doing this "STUDY" had never tried to start a business, or owned one, or operated one, anywhere... EVER! So, we begin with someone who has ZERO experience.

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Yet, they are still going to research this as if they know what they are talking about.

You can see the entire "study" here.

Cheyenne did much better than Casper, which was the only other Wyoming community in the survey. Casper was rated #177 in the survey, checking in at number 171 out of the 182 cities included in the survey for professional opportunities and # 162 for quality of life.

Problem #2: The metrics they use for "quality of life" are purely subjective. What one person loves another person hates.

Problem #3: Once again Wallet Hub has written about places they have never visited.


THE TRUTH IS: Wyoming as a state, not just the cities mentioned here is an easy place to start a  business. We have low regulations and low taxes. Plenty of recourses and people with above-average work ethics.

Starting a business of any kind takes a lot of research. Not just any company fits anywhere. There are places that Wyoming is a perfect fit for and jobs that just don't belong here. The same can be said for people.

I'm thinking maybe the next article I write will be about the worst "studies" on the internet and the companies who crank out this crap.

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