Is this a crime? Not sure what to make of it.

Police in Torrington Wyoming are warning people about the attack of the zucchini - ummm- well I can't call him a bandit. He's not taking them. He's leaving them.


See the actual post here.

******Vegetable Alert******

We encourage our community to utilize common-sense precautions for their homes and vehicles during any time of the year. This includes locking your doors, not leaving valuables in plain sight, and keeping an eye out for neighborhood safety.

Unfortunately, during this time of year, the risks to our homes and vehicles can take an ugly turn. Desperate gardeners, suffering from “Zucchini Madness”, are taking to the streets to pass their produce off on unsuspecting friends and neighbors.

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We have received several reports of innocent victims stepping outside of their homes in the morning, only to find numerous zucchini left on their front porch with no explanation. Others have left their car parked safely at work and returned to find it stuffed with produce by the end of the day.

The impact to the victims in these cases is real. Many report that they have more vegetables than their family could eat for an entire year, and they are struggling to find new recipes to combat the onslaught.

Our agency is working diligently to help with this problem. Sadly, we fear it may continue through the middle of September. We encourage everyone in our community to keep a watchful eye on their neighborhood. If you are a gardener suffering from Zucchini Madness, please remember, the only safe treatment is to find a friend with chickens.

Happy Tuesday Torrington!
Stay safe and call if you need us.

I have NO idea what to make of this but - if you want a free salad or something, visit Torrington Wyoming.



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