Is this a video of a "BIGFOOT?"

Is it actually a bear?

Is it FAKE?

You be the judge.

Scroll into the video below to the 2:20 mark.

Anything before that is a waste of your time.

Look at the top left of the screen.

You'll see it walking.

After that, whatever it is, comes in and out of view through the trees.

You'll hear the gentleman who claims to have captured this video asking, "You serious?"

He asks it in such a way that, to me, makes him sound like a bad actor.

If you're getting the impression that I'm not buying this, you would be correct.

Looks like a guy in a hairy suit to me.

But, again, you tell me.

Is that some guy in a suit or does it look real to you?

attachment-Bigfoot hoax 2

At 3:34 into the video, it walks under a tree and the drone loses site of it.

It's not worth watching the last couple of minutes of the video.

Nothing comes back into view after that.

This video was posted on the YouTube page of Kens Karpentry.

He is a builder and his page is all about building homes and garages.

We build garages in Northeastern Vermont.

Building since 1987.

He's never posted anything like this before, that I can find.

The website Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization found his video and posted it.

Cover from next video below
Email your Bigfoot sighting to
Creature Captured on Camera near Forest Build Site
asking if its a Sasquatch, Bigfoot or a Bear.

This organization claims that the search for Sasquatch in the Rocky Mountains & Pacific NW. Bigfoot is on the verge of discovery.

They have never found anything, but they keep saying that.

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