Summer is here and so are those wonderful summer events we love so much.

You know, the ones that serve CORN DOGS!

County fairs, rodeos, and things like that.

Lucky for us here out West, in states like Wyoming, we have had so much snow this past winter and rain this spring - the corndog crop is beyond what we have seen in decades.

Just last weekend I was camping out by the Alcova Reservoir in Wyoming and I saw those beautiful tall reeds with corndogs, plump and fat, growing at their tips.

I could not help myself. I rushed right out into the cold water and clipped a few off.

A few moments warming them on the fire, making their cornbread shells so wonderfully chrispy and I began to wonder why I bothered packing food for my trip at all.

Dinner was right out there in the shallows of the lake.

I then began to worry about the legality of picking fresh corndogs on public land.

So I called a local office of the Wyoming Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to ask if it was okay to pick wild corn dogs and eat them, once they are ripe of course.

I'm not sure who I had on the phone but the guy treated me like I was just a nutball and like my call was some kind of a joke.

I went looking through Wyoming laws and could not find anything that said you could not pick fresh corndogs and eat them.

So - I guess it's okay.

But you want to wait until they are RIPE!

In the video above this young man shows a corndog that is in the seeding process.

Not a good time to eat it.

They reach this golden plump stage and, well, that's how you know when they are ready.

It's been a bumper crop this year.


This article is SATIRE!

I have to say that because there is always that one person out there who just never gets it.

Then they complain, and we laugh at them.

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