It's March.

I know that's not big news.

March and April bring the wettest and most unpredictable weather of the year.

The next 10 days will prove that to be true, once again.

Here's hoping you've enjoyed the past few days. It's been beautiful. Be prepared for some big changes beginning this weekend.

Tempratures will drop over the next few days with the biggest drop on Sunday.

Everybody will get some moisture, be it rain or snow. Amounts will vary depending on where you are.

There will be a major winter storm across the central planes.

The video below is regional weatherman Don Day's forecast for the next 10 days.

Montana and the central parts of South Dakota and Nebraska will get the worst of it by far. But that's good news. They need the moisture.

Sunday will bring most of the moisture and the coldest of the temperatures.

Expect a slight warmup through the beginning of next week.

But that won't last long as another round of cold and snow makes it way down from Canada.

This is more than one system, over the next week or more most of the nation will be affected.

Expect yet another round of winter as we get closer to Easter Sunday.


This is all good news for those western and midwestern states that have missed out on much of the moisture this winter.

The West Coast has had an abundance of it. They don't really need any more.

You might be wondering exactly how much rain or snow you'll be getting and when. Don't trust your weather apps too much. They are great tools to monitor weather trends and help you to see what might happen. But they don't know what exactly will happen.

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