I was given a gift card for Christmas. $50, worth of meals at Taco John's.

Bet you didn't get anything nearly that cool.

While in Casper, Wyoming I stopped in at their  80 W F St location, which is right at the base of Interstate 25.

There's a lot of construction going on at that location right now as the state replaces an overpass right out front.

I got my drink cup and walked over to the drink machine, right next to the salsa bar.

That's when I saw it- BRAINS!

attachment-Taco Johns Salad Bar 4

Okay, this has to be a leftover from Halloween.

I'm guessing the crew either is still having fun with it, or they are just too lazy to change the display.

Why not a Christmas or New Year theme?

Why cover this in glass so I can't get at it?

Maybe I want some brains for the large intestine with my meal.

What grosses some people out is delicious to someone else.

Just ask the Adams Family.

attachment-Taco Johns Salad Bar 1

OH LOOK! Brains and HEART- YUM!

What's with the little valentines trinkets sprinkled in with the gore?

Are these the innards of someone they loved?

Was it a real jerk customer and this is a warning to future jerks?

Was it a previous manager that the crew had finally had enough of?

So many questions to think about while I eat my meal.

No, this did not make me lose my appetite.

attachment-Taco Johns Salad Bar 3

Don't you just love the colorful pink lights and...

Is that an eyeball?

Yes, it is.

That would look GREAT floating in my drink.

When they brought me my food I made sure to give a sincere thank you because I did not want to be the next guy to end up in this case.

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