On Oct. 15, the Federal Election Commission released its latest fundraising numbers for the third quarter of 2021 and it showed that so far Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney has raised a total of $5,135,713.35, almost 10 times her closest competition.

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While that number represents what she has raised this year, in just the past quarter, from July to Oct., Cheney has raised $1,374,757.52 while spending $883,485.16.

Cheney has raised a total of $695,160.50 from WinRed, a fundraising apparatus for the Republican party, since Jan., however it appears that she has not received any funding from them since June 30.

Since then Cheney has received donations from many wealthy individuals including $10,800 each from several venture capitalist and their spouses including Ron Conway and his wife Gayle Conway, John Fullerton and his wife Jessica Fullerton, and Bruce Kovner and his wife Suzanne Kovner.

State Senator Anthony Bouchard and former gubernatorial candidate Harriet Hageman are the two who are closest behind Cheney when it comes to fundraising, bringing in $65,560.60 and $301,921.44 respectively this past quarter.

While Bouchard has been in the race since the beginning, and faced controversy in May when it was revealed that he'd impregnated a 14 year-old when he was 18, Hageman only entered the race in Sept. after receiving the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

About half of Hageman's funding, $141,693.13, came from WinRed, with another $87,000 coming from the max an individual can contribute, $5,800, through people like billionaire Peter Thiel, Jay Kemmerer and his wife Karen Kemmerer, and former state Representative Marti Halverson.

Also in the race are several other smaller candidates, including Denton Knapp, Marissa Selvig, Bryan Keller, and Robyn Belinskey.

Only Knapp and Selvig have raised any funds of the four, with Knapp having a total of $19,600.00, while Selvig has only raised 7,074.33.

It is unclear how long any of them, besides Hageman, will stay in the race against Cheney, though someone like Knapp said he would drop out by May 2022 following Trump's Hageman endorsement if it's clear he doesn't have a chance of winning the nomination.

State Representative Charles Gray, who dropped out of the race following Trump's endorsement of Hageman, also raised $113,195.28 this past quarter.

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