There is so much noise over the Liz Cheney controversy some folks in Wyoming have actually forgotten that...


Cheney and Harried Hageman dominate the news.

There are other candidates running for the U.S. House for Wyoming but they are having a hard time getting any press. They just don't have enough controversy surrounding them.

I know that can be hard to believe but I've actually been asked a few times if we are voting for governor this year or is that 2 years away?

Candidate Pages
Candidate Pages

If it were not for the Cheney controversy dominating the news Governor Mark Gordon might be having a hard time. He made a lot of people unhappy over the past few years.

But controversial decisions made by Gordon are overshadowed in the news headlines by one particular decision made by Liz Cheney. To vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

Some of you can name most of the candidates running for governor. Most of you can't name them all.

Don't worry about that. I can only name 3.

The others- well, I just keep forgetting who they were. If they are not memorable in any way then that shows you how little chance they have of winning.

Below is a photo of Brent Bien.  He's running against Gordon on the GOP ticket.

attachment-brent bien 1

As governor Mark Gordon is so well known in the state his campaign is easy. The other candidates are struggling just to let you know that they exist.

Have you had a chance to hear these candidates for governor speak?

Watching a TV ad or two is not a good way to make a decision.

That's not the only race that's being overshadowed. There are some big ones out there. Secretary Of State - School Superintendent, just to name two.

Here is Rex Ramel. He's also running against Mark Gordon for the GOP nomination.

Candidate Pages
Candidate Pages

You'll need to find out who's running for house and senate to represent you in the Wyoming state house.

Then there are your local offices. Let's not forget about those.

This is an important year for Wyoming voters. One of the biggest in a long time. One name has caused so much controversy we have actually forgotten the other races.

As voters, let's do our homework before we go to the polls.

Take a look at EVERYONE who is running for governor in the state of Wyoming.

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