In a recent interview, Wyoming's lone representative in the House said "My primary election will be important to the future of the party -- and the country"

Some may think that comment is a bit egotistical but she's not wrong.

Will conservatism stand behind Trump or will they continue down the road without him? Liz Cheney believes that Trump is bad for the party and conservatism. She wants to dump him.

There has been serious infighting within the Wyoming GOP for control and direction of the party. The same is true for Republicans on the national level.

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Liz Cheney is clearly not a liberal. Even the chair of the Wyoming DNC laughed when Cheney was called a RINO and a Democrat. Cheney is as conservative as they come. But she does not like Trump. She wants someone more like Ronald Regan.

She was asked if she thinks her re-election might send a signal to other conservatives that it is okay to separate themselves from Trump.

She was asked if Trump were to win the nomination again in 2024, would she vote 3rd party, she dodged the question at first. But when pressed she did say she would never vote for Trump again.

You can watch all of what Liz Cheney had to say in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, at this link. 

Back here in the state of Wyoming, there are now a total of 9 candidates in the race for that one house seat, including Liz. Some worry that this might split the vote, guaranteeing Cheney another win.

Despite all of the noise you hear she does have her supporters in the state. In fact, she conducted her WSJ interview from her car while she was in Riverton Wyoming, meeting privately with supporters. 

Polls are a lousy gauge of what people will really do. Listing to the comments that come in from listeners on my morning talk show will not give you any idea of who will win the race either. We will only know when the election is finally held.

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