At one point the city of Cheyenne has almost lost all of its bookstores.

The owner of Phoenix Books in downtown Cheyenne had noticed that few people were buying books but there was a resurgence in vinyl records. So, he changed his store to Downtown Vinyl.

Barns & Nobel had a massive store and coffee shop on Dell Range Blv. But they closed, with a promise to reopen in another location.

That left a few books available at big box stores like Walmart and The Book Rack, on the east side of town in the Cheyenne Shopping Plaza. Also Constant Book Reader, a used book store on Logan Ave.



Barnes & Noble is just about ready to open at their new location. 5116 Frontier Mall Dr. #400.

The grand opening of their new location is next week with their first day being October 30th.

The company is downsizing from its mega bookstores to a smaller shopping experience.

Not to worry, the store looks great.

If you prefer a small, independent bookstore...

Bonsai Books is open and just what you are looking for.

These folks opened a bookstore in the cutest little yellow house.

Joy of Reading

Look for them at 126 Quincy Road, Cheyenne.

They will serve coffee and they have comfortable little areas to sit in and explore stacks of reading materials.

Here is a link to the Bonsai Books Facebook page where you can find out more.

You might have thought that people don't read anymore.

Actually, people read more than ever.

It's our content and medium that's changed.

But plenty of folks still love a cozy bookstore and the feel of a book in their hand.

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