Some books regarding subjects of sex and sexuality were seen as far too graphic to be allowed in the kids or young adult section of the Gillette/Cambel County Public Library.

The battle over how to handle this issue has raged for some time now. But perhaps a solution has been found.

The Campbell County Public Library Board voted 4-1 to keep these controversial books in an "adult section." Parental permission is needed for young people to view them.

Library Director John Jackson is reviewing and moving books that are seen as too graphic or objectionable.

At this stage of the game, Mr. Jackson is in charge of making the call as to what books should be moved into the adult section.

But his word is not the final say.


The new policy allows people to challenge the relocation of books to have them put back in the kid's section.

The American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, filed a public records request to see what books have been moved.

The idea is that if parents want their kids to see these books, they can bring them over to see them.

But young people cannot just stumble upon them on their own.

This keeps these books in the library and available, under the supervision of parents or guardians. Nothing that was seen as objectionable has been removed from the library.

The debate on these books is far from over.

This idea is a compromise that has been reached by the library board as it heard concerns from all sides of the issue.

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