So your Christmas shopping at one of Wyoming's new dollar stores...

You know that saying "It's the thought that counts," 

Yeah well, just forget that.

Wyoming has had several new dollar stores open in just this past year.

While not all under the same company new dollar stores are now open in Cheyenne, Glenrock, Guernsey, Casper, and Bar-Nunn.

This means that a lot of Wyomingites will be doing their Christmas shopping in the cheapest possible way.

Some of you will do it to save money. But if you're like me, you go shopping there to get gifts for people you don't really care about.


But how do we go cheap but NOT make it look like we were shopping at the dollar store?

I don't really think that is possible. As soon as they open the present they are going to know where you got it. Even the kids

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Let's face it, kids want to think that their parents are rich enough to shop at Walmart. It's embarrassing when their friends find out where you really got those toys.



If you are shopping at a dollar store NEVER ask the kid to write a letter to Santa. Never even ask them what they want for Christmas.

Don't worry about bringing a list when you shop. Just browse the aisles until you find yourself saying, "yeah, good enough."

Some of the toys at dollar stores come in boxes and even bags containing many little toys. That's good enough to get you off the hook. Go for it.

Just remember to be quick to blame them for breaking it before they can blame you for buying cheap toys.

OR - you can always BLAME SANTA!

bad santa

"Wow, the elves must be on STRIKE!"

"Santa is slipping. He used to deliver such quality stuff."

"Gee, the bad economy has reached all the way to the North Pole!"

It really doesn't matter if the kids believe you or not. Just go for it.

disappointed girl with questionable gesture holding a gift in her hand

Be fully prepared to hear - "Um - yeah - thanks," rather than squeals of delight and hugs and kisses.

After all, you only spent enough money to get you off the hook and so that is the reaction you are going to get.

Don't bother saving the receipt. It's dollar quality. That means whatever it is it will be broken before the end of the day.

Disappointed customer unboxing wrong item purchased with home shopping

About that old saying, "It's the thought that counts." Well, as soon as they open the present they will know that you really didn't think about it. So just forget that.

Also, keep in mind that since you bought them gifts at a dollar store then they will return the favor next time they go shopping for you. In this way, it really is the thought that counts.

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