That is one fat bear.

Sorry, it's probably impolite to say that, but, I mean, look at him. WOW!

Just what the heck is he eating? I'm guessing today's fattening human food might have a lot to do with his condition.

Nick gets his moneys worth when he takes an eight foot spring black bear easily surpassing the 600 lbs mark. I first laid eyes on this bear June 13th,
5 minutes after filming Scott take an incredible boar on the first night of his hunt. Four days later Erin and Nick when to sit for this bear and it didnt take long for him to walk right in and give them quite the show. What an experience. (saskadrenaline).

These hunters are way up on perches looking down on the bears. I mean way up so. So much that the bears have no idea they are up there.

But unlike humans fat bears this time of year is a good thing. In fact, they are made for it.

This time of year they will eat constantly in order to pack on the pounds before hibernation.

According to Danielle Rivet, a PhD candidate at the University of Saskatchewan, bears consume about 30,000 calories daily during hyperphagia, and can max out at as much as 60,000 calories in a day. “They eat just about anything and everything they can find,” she says. (Backpacker Magazine).

Humans suffer bad effects from being overweight. But the bear body needs it. Getting fat this time of year is actually healthy for them. Speaking as a human, that's just not fair.

Here is a guy nicknamed CHUNKY!

We laugh at this but if you were going to spend the next few months sleeping, no eating at all, you might want to bulk up like this guy too.

He won't look like this in the spring.

So don't make fun of the fat bears. They probably think it's sexy this time of year.

You have your summer beach body, they have their fall hibernation figure.

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