You have to have spent some time in Nebraska to fully appreciate this. There was a crisis in the Cornhusker state. A video shows a man come completely unglued when a woman refuses to turn her car off at Sonic.

Be warned that there are some NSFW hand gestures (and probably some words) in this encounter. It's funny because no one was actually harmed, but it obviously could have gotten more serious.

Here are the basics. The woman pulled up at Sonic in her car (this really happens, by the way) and waits for her order. The guy sitting at one of the benches takes exception to the fact that she won't turn the car off. Keep in mind, they're in Nebraska because that's important.

Here's what the lady said about what happened:

I was waiting at Sonic for my Drinks when the man sitting in front of my car got very upset because he wanted me to shut my car off because he said it stinks! I didn’t know why he was upset until he said to shut my smelly car off.

I lived in Nebraska over 30 years ago. The people there were nice for the most part, but tended to exaggerate situations. This was during the Tom Osborne era of college football and my neighbors would paint their garage doors red and white to honor the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team. When they lost, I was afraid to leave my house. That explains why they Nebraska guy actually threw his own Sonic food when things didn't go his way.

ViralHog via YouTube
ViralHog via YouTube

Here's hoping this Nebraska guy can find his happy place for all of our sake.

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