I named him Steve. He does not seem to mind the name.

You can see him for yourself in the photos below.

Steve has been waiting since 1988 for his clast customer to come and pick up that last roll of film, from back in the day when people still took pictures with film.

This is a TRUE Wyoming haunting. I'll even tell you where you can find the skeleton, I mean, um, Steve.

According to what I found online: By 1988, all of the Chicago and Milwaukee-area Fotomat kiosks were closed. By 1990, the number of outlets in the U.S. and Canada dwindled to about 800, down from a peak of nearly 4,000. The switch from film to digital imaging was yet another development that devastated Fotomat and many other film-processing companies.

SO - would you like to visit Steve, and maybe talk to him yourself?

Behind Rocky Mountain Discount Sports in Casper, Wyoming is perhaps the last Fotomat booth in Wyoming. It had been boarded up. But someone took the boards off recently, and it looks like the last Fotomat employee in Wyoming might still be working there.

Come with me, let's have a closer look.

Last Wyoming Fotomat Employees Still On The Job

Is he still waiting for someone to come pick up?

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