Next time you see a jeep, and there are a lot of them in Wyoming, look to see how many rubber ducks the owner might have on his dashboard.

It's become a trend across the country.

So how the heck does a Jeep-rubber-duckie-trend start?

“I have seen those on a vehicle before,” said John Adams. “I have no idea. Why does the Jeep got them? Is it to float in case they flip into a canal, they got little floaties?”  (NBC 2 Florida).

Funny, but the wrong answer.

Duckies on Jeepies actually have a name.

“Getting ducked,” said Andrew Opalski, a Jeep owner.

"Getting ducked" is a trend that started back in 2020 during COVID.

There was a lady out in Canada that convinced other Jeep owners to go off-roading during the lockdown.

During these events, she would put rubber ducks on people's Jeep dashboards to make them smile.

The trend has been spreading since then.

Jeep owners will keep extra ducks in their vehicles to "DUCK" other jeeps that they might find.

That's something known as "GETTING DUCKED."

In this next video this young man just "GOT DUCKED."

He explains what it's all about.

This has got to be a BOOM for the people in the rubber duck-making business.

The final video is an interview with the lady who started it all.

What's with all those ducks on all those Jeeps? Maybe you have been "ducked" yourself, or perhaps you have a knack for "ducking" other #Jeep drivers? Either way, you have experienced the phenomenon known as #DuckDuckJeep, a global movement that emerged from a single, random act of kindness.


Still confused?

It's like that Jeep bumper sticker says, "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand."


We can't finish this without singing along to that classic song about RUBBER DUCKIES!

Here is Ernie from Sesame Street to sing us out:

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