With the news that Yellowstone Garage and its sister-venue, The Hall on Ash, are closing, many questions remain in terms of events like Rock the Block, and more.

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Luckily, Rock the Block, Casper's Downtown party that takes place every Thursday in the summer, is not a property of Yellowstone Garage; it's the creation of Dynamic Sound and Lighting, a local events promoter with an incredible sound system.

The owners of Dynamic Sound and Lighting took to social media on Wednesday to offer an update and give their perspective on the closure of Yellowstone Garage.

"We at Dynamic Sound and Lighting are aware of the unexpected closing of Yellowstone Garage Bar, Grill and Venue, which also impacts events at The Hall on Ash," they wrote. "This closure has a broad impact on events in the community, and we are deeply saddened with this news."

The owners wrote that if individuals are working with them for weddings or other events and are impacted by the closure of The Hall on Ash, they should reach out for referrals to other venues or caterers. They also brought up the future of Rock the Block.

While we are unsure of the future of Rock the Block, at this time, we are considering all possibilities to continue bringing this event to our community this summer, and for many years to come," they wrote. "At Dynamic Sound and Lighting, we pride ourselves at making events magical. While the unexpected closure of beloved venues in our community have a significant impact, we proudly embody being a member of #wyocity. Undoubtedly, we anticipate seeing the tenacity and resilience of our city, and the music community during this time. We thank John and Wendy, and all of the former employees at Yellowstone Garage, for their contribution to the music scene in Casper, and the thousands of memories made at their venues over the years."
It's possible the end of Yellowstone Garage isn't actually the end of Rock the Block. Stay tuned to K2 Radio News and we will update the situation as more information develops.

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