The place isn't much to look at.

Its odd-shaped lot on a corner street makes parking a challenge.

But some establishments hold priceless childhood memories.

Grubs Drive-In in Rock Springs Wyoming was one of those places, and now it's reopening.

The grand re-opening is January 4th, 2024, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Residents Jaycia Wisniewski-Hunt and her husband, Justen Hunt have been working hard on this.

They purchased the old building and restaurant for sentimental reasons.

Jaycia worked at Grubs for 14 years.

She was even there for Grub’s Drive-in's 50th-anniversary and block party in 1996.

High school couples with very little money go on dates to places like this.

Young families on a budget enjoy a night out.

Memories and fondness for the old place are established.

The original owners are still alive and they gave the couple permission to use the name Grub’s Drive-in.

They will even keep the same old menu that everyone remembers.

Grub’s Drive-In was established in 1946 by Nick Skorup with the help of his family.

After World War II, his mother and sisters did not want their only living son and brother to work in the mines, the only viable jobs available in Rock Springs then.

So, with their help, he was able to open a hamburger stand on US 30. At that time, the highway came through Rock Springs. (Wyo4News).

Jaycia Wisniewski-Hunt and her husband both have day jobs, but perhaps if the place takes off they will be able to just focus on the restaurant.

It might seem like a small and unimpressive building, but to the people of Rock Springs, it's a slice of nostalgia.

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