Despite these challenges, Americans are still finding new friends.

These last few months have been challenging in so many ways, but especially on our ability to be around the people we love. I haven't seen my grandmother in two months and we used to get together just about every single week. Although I'd much rather see her and the rest of my family and friends in person without having to stay six feet apart, I am thankful that we have so many virtual ways to stay in touch.

In fact, those digital assets have sparked new friendships too.

A recent survey conducted by Evite has found that the average American has made six new friends in the midst of this pandemic. Many have fostered new friendships while attending virtual gatherings and 83 percent of those new besties say that they are excited to meet up face-to-face when this is over. We all certainly have something in common to talk about, don't we?

To take things further, we're also reconnecting with those we have lost contact with.

The survey found the average American has found time to open up the lines of communication with six people since the start of the pandemic. 10 percent are engaging with people they haven't spoken to in a year, while 44 percent are reaching out to old high school friends and 36 percent are finding their childhood friends again. Something about staying at home missing people in our current lives has got us feeling all sorts of nostalgic.

This begs the question about dating?

Turns out people have been dating in quarantine. Based on the singles involved in the survey, Americans have been on an average of five dates. And, to be honest, they've probably been really good since communicating is about all you can do.

I'm thinking we may see some of the strongest romantic and platonic relationships come out of this social distancing.

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