Some of the best moments in television sitcom history have been saved on YouTube, and we all love to share them at this time of year. We probably laugh so hard because it is all too true.

Here are five of the funniest Thanksgiving sitcom moments in television history.

CHEERS: Dinner is more than just a little late and the fight begins as hunger takes over. Nerves are high and it becomes too much to handle.

FRIENDS: This TV show actually had so many great Thanksgiving shows they decided to have a show recapping their best Thanksgiving shows.

SNL: Saturday Night Live had one of their best Thanksgiving episodes when they brought Debbie Downer to the dinner table.


MARRIED WITH CHILDREN had to be the most dysfunctional Thanksgiving ever. Kelly Bundy has a pet turkey and everyone is trying to talk her into letting them cook it, without letter her know they want to cook it.

WRKP: TURKEY'S AWAY. All of those other shows did a great job. But nothing will ever top this episode from WKRP. "As God as my witness I thought turkeys could fly."

BONUS VIDEO! - WKRP: Less recounts what happened after the turkey drop.

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