There is a new movement in regards to how you and I relieve stress. It might sound a bit jarring, but their concept is that for the best stress relief result right now, you should go barefoot on Casper Mountain. Yes, in the snow. I'll attempt to explain.

These aren't rookies that are recommending this. Heavyweights like the Wall Street Journal are talking about this extreme method for stress management involving going barefoot in the wild. Here's a little snippet about the science behind this stress relief concept:

scientists increasingly are interested in his ability to survive dangerous conditions and to influence physiological responses thought to be involuntary, like immune system and inflammatory responses.

So, barefoot in the wild in the snow is now in vogue? The obvious question is "is it safe?". The answer is complicated. CNet asked that very question and it has concerns. They share what may appear as obvious, but are what you need to consider if you decide to try it:

Whether or not it's safe to exercise barefoot also depends on what kind of exercise you're doing and where you're doing it.

Although we laugh about the possibility of hiking in the snow on Casper Mountain, it's likely only an option for someone who is in very athletic shape that understands how you can really harm yourself if you step on something sharp. However, a gentle walk through the meadow near Beartrap could truly be a relaxing habit that could have positive health benefits.

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Would you be willing to try it or does this new approach seem crazy to you? Maybe going barefoot when we kids was something we should have stuck with as adults.

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