Folks who love to hike Wyoming will be delighted to know that Casper Mountain has a beautiful waterfall, that is a short and easy hike, and a loop trail that goes up and around that waterfall and back down again, for the serious hiker.

When I say the Bridal Trail is not easy, I mean as in over 1000 feet hard hiking up to complete the first third of it. The next third crosses over the river that becomes the waterfall, this portion offers some spectacular views and an interesting walk through a rock tunnel, called Split Rock (pictured above).

It's only 3.2 miles but you better be in good shape for it.

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If you love this sort of serious hiking and being rewarded with the views then you might want to watch the video, below, of the Casper couple who enjoys hiking this route several times a year. They'll give you a well-shot and well-edited preview of what you'll see.

For those who would prefer something less stressful, but beautiful all the same, Rotary Park is where the waterfall is and provides an opportunity to pose for pictures on bridges and under the cascading water of the falls.

The Bridle Trail is Central Wyoming's oldest established trail and the home of Garden Creek Falls and Split Rock. The Bridle Trail is easily accessed from downtown Casper by bike path and road. It is used by hikers and sometimes horseback. Watch for blind corners and foot traffic in both directions.

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