Need a few more reminders about what you should or should not do during this COVID-19 outbreak? Want them to be succinct, easy to understand, and maybe entertaining? Luckily for you, someone in the internet world has created exactly that.

Tim Popple, of the social-networking film review site Letterboxd, has made a "Coronavirus Advice, In Films" list.

Movie titles are formatted together to get across the not-so-secret messages of coronavirus health-and-safety: "Wash" / "Your Hands" and "No" / "Skin" / "Contact" make up the first line of films.

My favourites are "Cancel" / "The Trip To Italy" and "Don't Breathe" / "Don't Panic" / "Just" / "Pray". A little bit genius, I gotta say.

Now I'm having fun putting together titles into terrible COVID-19-based phrases.. "Split" / "Us" / "Up"... "The Impossible" / "Game Night" ... "Fences" / "The Space Between Us" ... "The Raid" / "In America" ... and an excellent one-off title: "Far From Men".

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