Tuesday, after Snowmagedon 2021, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few odds and ends. Not much was needed.

The first thing I noticed was... no bananas? Instantly, I knew what the rest of the store would look like.

That last snow storm was record setting. Wyoming highways are shut down for hundreds of miles in all directions. That means Wyoming has not been able to receive a single delivery of groceries in several days. That means the stores will empty fast.

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I felt like a spy when I grabbed my phone and began walking the isles trying to take photos in a way that would not be noticed.

I made sure to find the store manager and ask what was going on, but I knew the answer. From Denver and into most of Wyoming all grocery stores look like this.

Grocery Stores Running Low After Blizzard Closes Highways

Wyoming stores have not had a delivery in a couple of days.

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