If you're planning to drive to see family this Thanksgiving, anywhere around Wyoming or the region, this Wednesday is the day to do it. It's going to be a beautiful day.

Wednesday night is sketchy.

As we get into Thursday those conditions will slowly move down from the north and eventually take over the entire state, also impacting much of the region.

Probably not a good idea to travel on Thanksgiving day.

The National Weather Service in Riverton has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Thursday through Friday morning for most of Wyoming.

“Thursday through Sunday is going to be a whole lot colder than it's been,” said Cowboy State Daily meteorologist Don Day. “And the snow will be falling Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning.”

Temperatures will drop, quite a bit.

The amount of snow will depend on where you are. Some will get far more than others.

That means driving conditions will deteriorate and stay that way throughout the holiday.

You might have to stay with relatives until Sunday- SORRY!

After the storm passes it will become sunny and rather nice outside, but still bitterly cold.

A good way to keep track of road conditions is through this WYDOT link. From there you can see what roads are impacted or even closed. Use the weather camera option for real-time pictures of the roads you need.

Regional meteorologist Don Day's travel forecast is below.

“The biggest problems for travel will be right here,” Day said. “That’s not to say Chicago, Detroit and parts of the Northeast won’t have winter weather. But we’re ground zero for the worst weather in the nation.” (CSD).

Well, that doesn't sound good at all.

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