If you love Wyoming ranches, you're gonna love some pics I've found that show the Rocking Chair Ranch in Dubois.

I first came across this Dubois ranch as a video was shared on YouTube.

Fay Ranches shared some details on this beautiful ranch and even more gorgeous scenery nearby. The pics show why this is truly iconic Wyoming land.

When you take into account the ranch, adjacent building and corral and all that jaw-dropping land, you can imagine you won't get it for free. Current asking price of this writing is a cool $23,000,000. I had to double-check to make sure I added enough zeroes.

Considering how many Wyoming ranches and log cabins I've shared this year, it's not a small thing to say that I believe this might be the prettiest of them all. The home by itself on that land would be enough for me. Add in all the other building and ranch amenities and I have no doubt this will be more than worth it for one lucky (rich) buyer.

Check out the full listing for all the details at the Fay Ranches website.

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