For some reason, Governor Mark Gordon has signed a proclamation declaring Saturday, March 20 ‘Hearty Meat Day,’ in Wyoming.

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The reason given was to encourage Wyomingites to “purchase and eat beef, lamb, and other meat products on this day.”

Like any national holiday, ‘Hearty Meat Day’ comes complete with its own proclamation. In it, the Governor extols the virtues of, well, meat.

“Wyoming beef, lamb, and other meat products are widely recognized as an important part of a healthful, balanced and nutritious diet,” the proclamation…proclaims. “Livestock are a valuable tool in managing our vast rangelands, enhancing wildlife habitat, controlling invasive plant species, reducing fire hazard, improving soil health and biodiversity, and sequestering carbon.”

More pro-meat sentiments are offered in this proclamation, as it states “Wyoming farmers and ranchers play a significant role in feeding the world with meat products ethically raised and harvested in a sustainable manner. Wyoming is the proud home of farmers and ranchers alike, they are represented on the Great Seal of the State of Wyoming, and we will always defend and appreciate our agricultural roots.”

Gordon ended the address by stating “Now therefore I, Mark Gordon, Governor of the State of Wyoming, do hereby proclaim March 20, 2021 as Hearty Meat Day.”

Then, ever the altruist, Gordon even invited “the fine citizens of the State of Colorado to join us in our celebration of Hearty Meat Day.”


Governor Gordon offered this proclamation as a way to acknowledge the ranchers and farmers of Wyoming and to show them that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

“Our Wyoming farmers and ranchers are amazing stewards of our environment. The meat they ethically produce is the best, and part of a healthy, balanced diet. It’s just downright good to eat,” Governor Gordon said. “Folks here know how important our ranching heritage is."

But he also did it because, quite frankly, he likes meat.

“I don’t know what those folks are doing down south, but a good barbecue is a great way to enjoy a Saturday,” the Governor added.

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