In Wyoming, we often talk about local beef.

Maybe even eating Wyoming Buffalo.

But Wyoming has local lamb for sale too, and it's some of the best lamb meat in the country, winning over customers with its taste and far surpassing nutrition standards.

The folks who raise lamb in our state have been doing it for generations.

The Lamb Guys, for example, are sheep and cattle ranchers located in east central Wyoming.

They are members of the Mountain States Lamb Cooperative.

You can find their herds running and grazing just north of Douglas.

When COVID-19 struck and the country was shut down in March 2020, the impacts were devastating to the sheep industry.

Restaurant and Food Service sales which were more than 50% of lamb meat sales dropped to near zero.

But they have found a way to make a comeback, and that means Wyoming lamb is back on the menu.

It tastes great and is good for you.

Their website will help you order. But you can also find lamb at your local butcher. Your local grocery store will carry it if you ask them.

Wyoming was the first state to vote in the Food Freedom Act, which allowed greater access to local producers by customers.

Wyoming Sheep Herd and dog
Jennifer Dutton

Since the passage of the Food Freedom Act, many other states have followed with their own version of food freedom, based on the Wyoming law.

Among the many benefits are the cost saving to customers as they are able to buy direct from the farm, skipping any middlemen.

In a time of high inflation, which continues to get higher every day, finding ways to cut costs on good food is important to every family.

It also is a major benefit to the local economy.

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