I was looking for a photograph to go with a story about cooler weather coming to Wyoming. For some odd reason this photo of grandmas with guns came up. I have no idea why.

Cool photo though, isn't it?

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Remember, your grandma grew up in an age where most everyone had a gun. Little old ladies with guns are not to be messed with.

Here's the story of a great grandma from Georgia who lived alone and had a gun just for that reason. She told the guy who broke into her house, you come in here I'll blow your damn head off. Police found the suspect hiding her her closet, afraid to come out.

Don't break into this 74-year-old's house. She is armed and ready. So, when someone broke into her home wearing a mask, carrying a gun, she pulled a bigger gun. She pulled the trigger and flat out admits, with no shame, that she was trying to kill him.

Here is a grandma who shot at a creep who exposed herself then tried to break in. She shot him through the door. The bullet hit him in the stomach. This hero grandma cares for a disabled grandson and an 11-year-old great-granddaughter. She's tough all the way around.

Here's a grandma with a rifle and a scope. The man was warned. She had two grandkids in the house. She kept him at a distance until police arrived. The suspect tried to run. Remember, grandma has a scope on that rifle. Running was not a good idea.

So, the photo that popped up in front of me for some odd reason leads us to the story of pistol-packing grandmas and why we should never mess with them. Everyone loves grandma. Now we have more reasons to admire them.

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