Watch the video below and you might find yourself saying, out loud, "DO WHHHHAAAAAT?"

We are used to seeing cowboys lowering themselves onto bulls and tying down as tight as they can for that 8-second ride. That is the accepted method and has been for a long time. But have our cowboys been doing it wrong all this time?

I'm not sure where this cowboy is from but it sounds like the announcer is speaking Spanish. He hovers above the pen, waiting for the right moment. He then lets himself go and drops down onto the bull's back. The gate opens at the same time.

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Translated from Spanish to English the YouTube description reads: "Yunuel Ortega Ponce The Wonder Child. He faced one of the best bulls Of California. The Famous Angel of the Night From Rancho El Centenario by Don Fabian E Lemus."

No ropes. No tie-downs. Just bareback and swinging arms, off he goes.

How is this even possible? Perhaps he has found that the problem with staying on a bull is that cowboys have been using ropes when they should not be using one at all.

Will this change the way all bull riders ride?

Most cowboys would never even think of trying this. But once one guy shows that it can be done others will want to try it for themselves.

Will this change how judges judge?

We are entering uncharted waters here. I'm holding on, myself, to see if this is just a one-time showoff or if this is the new trend in rodeos.

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