It's the perfect time of year for a road trip. The temperatures are cooler, the leaves are changing. There are strangely transparent hitchhikers with hooks for hands and glowing eyes... (don't pick those people up).

What a perfect time for a haunted road trip. Here are a few Wyoming destinations you might find interesting. Maps are included at the links.

Jay Em is a cute little half ghost town. The few remaining residents might seem a bit creepy too. You'll enjoy looking at what is left of their downtown.

Sage is almost not on the map anymore. It's a ghost town located in Lincoln County. The town lies adjacent to the tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad. It absolutely screams desertion and isolation.

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Bosler is a strange place to drive by. I've done it a few times and always wonder if people are still living there. Strangely, the answer is yes.  There is one store, what is left of a school, and a post office.

Forgotten Town. I named it that because it is not on the map anymore. There is just one building left, in southern Campbell County where a town used to be. The town was destroyed by a tornado. This is all that is left.

Kirwin was once a town in Park County, Wyoming. Its post office has been closed. The former mining town is a historic site now, thanks to Amelia Earhart building a cabin there before her disappearance.

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