Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney joined Wyoming Public Media's Bob Beck to discuss where she is now, as the state's lone representative and what comes next.

You can listen to that interview here.

She said she was not surprised by the censure by the Wyoming GOP and some of the backlash. But she is ready, on her trips to the state to answer the concerns of the people she represents.

When it comes to reelection she said that she is willing to stand on her record and she trusts the people of Wyoming to make the right call.

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In the interview, she explained why she calls former President Trump's "Big Lie." She also talked about other lies that must be addressed and the direction of the Republican party.

She said she believes that her party must stand for truth, principles, and The Constitution. Her goal is to stand for those things and she trusts the independent-minded people of Wyoming to stand for it as well.

After this first interview with Wyoming Public Media, we can expect more to come. At some point, she will have to step out and talk to the people of Wyoming, not just through the media, but in person.

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