The annual Sasquatch Calling Champion has been crowned.

Hold on- can we truly say that he is the best at it if not a single sasquatch showed up while he was calling?

I believe we need to rethink this competition.

It's probably the wildest competition in the paranormal world.

Dozens of people take to a stage and unleash what they think Bigfoot sounds like.

How the HECK would they know?

The judge of the contest claimed he had actually heard a real Sasquatch call.

Sure buddy.

The annual contest is held in the New York town of Whitehall.

I'm telling you that in case you want to give it a try next year.

Below is a video with a sample of the calls people made. 

Give it a listen and tell me what you think.


The judge says he wants people to unleash their "inner-Squatch".

Actually, I think winners just want the bragging rights.

Imagine showing up at the local bar telling people that you just won The National Sasquatch calling contest.

After a few beers, everyone will want to hear it.

You'll be a Friday night hit at the local pub.

Have you ever heard a Sasquatch calling in the night?

If you tell me that you have I might just have to invite you down to the radio studio so I can call you a liar to your face.

But then I'd ask you to let me hear what you think it sounds like.

If you're good enough I might just pay your way to Whitehall so you can represent Wyoming next year.

As far as I know, not one Wyoming resident was in the contest.

That just won't do.

As far as I'm concerned nobody has won this contest until an actual bigfoot shows up.

The problem is that it might want to mate with the caller, depending on what the person doing the call actually said in Bigfoot language.

I bet they don't know what they said.

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