Both Carbon and Park Counties in Wyoming have sent Liz Cheney a resolution saying they officially rescind their recognition of U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney as its representative.

After I read the Carbon County resolution on-air and spoke of the Park County resolution that essentially says the same thing, listeners in Carbon Country began calling their party chair, asking him to call the show.

Party chairman Joey Correnti spoke with me at length about the resolution of the two counties. You can hear that call, below.

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Mr. Correnti acknowledged that these resolutions don't actually carry any weight. Liz Cheney represents Wyoming until she is no longer officially holding the position. But much like a pending divorce, the spouse has moved out and taken their own apartment until the matter is finalized.

Here is the actual resolution from Carbon County. The one from Park County is very much the same. The interview with the Carbon County GOP chair is below the resolution. 

Both resolutions were sent to Liz Cheney. It is possible that more counties will pass their own and sent them. Uinta County Republican Party is to consider rescinding its recognition of Cheney according to Cowboy State Daily. This may make Cheney question how much support she has across Wyoming.


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