One undeniable truth of life is that those people who like to get naked in public are never the people you want to see naked.

In Crook County Wyoming a local nudist refuses to wear clothing when picking up from his mailbox center.

Yes, you should wonder if that includes cold days, too.

We will not be providing photos for this story, because nobody really wants to see that.

It gets worse.

When asked to please put on clothes the man responded by bending over and spreading his buttocks, according to House Majority Floor Leader State Rep. Chip Neiman, R-Hulett.


“It was full-on intimidation,” Neiman said of the nudist’s response. “He’s using his nudity to intimidate his neighbors.” (Cowboy State Daily).

His wife is also a nudist.

Residents are okay with their lifestyle if they keep it at home.

Again, nobody wants to see that in public.

Something is not illegal until there is a law against it.

A few years ago Wyoming had to pass a law making bestiality (sex with an animal) illegal. Someone from California was visiting Wyoming and he was caught trying to perform sex acts on a horse. Nothing could be done because there wasn't a Wyoming law against it. Now there is.


There are laws on the books in Wyoming that address public indecency. But those laws deal more with sexual harassment. Not just some guy casually walking around nude.

Mr. Neiman wants to change that law.

“Come on people, let’s act like grown-ups can we?” said Neiman.

House Bill 51.


This next Wyoming legislative session is a budget session. That makes it hard to get a regular law introduced.

What do you think the odds of getting this one heard will be?

Wouldn't you love to hear the floor debate in the House and Senate on this one?

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