Those heavy and hard-hitting winds have blown themselves out of the eastern parts of Wyoming.

For the rest of this week, the weather will remain schizophrenic.

Cold air movies in.

One moment it will be sunny, the next cloudy and rainy.

A few places are under winter weather advisories.

Don't try to figure it out. Just roll with it.

This is typical Wyoming spring weather.

Below is a map of where the current winter weather advisories are.

attachment-Weather 041724

If your area misses out on the worst of it, just enjoy those very cool temperatures for this time of year.

Snow is coming to the Bighorn and Beartooth Mountains.

Expect much-needed rain in the eastern part of the state, into South Dakota and Nebraska.

That's good news, they need the moisture.

This is the time of year that western states get most of their moisture for the year.

Below is the latest forecast from regional weatherman Don Day.

Have you already started up your sprinkler system for your lawn?

Maybe that was too early.

Some freezing temperatures are coming with that push of cold from the North.

Expect Saturday morning to be cold.

Then a big change comes our way Sunday.

Suddenly we warm up, and if the forecast holds, next week will be SPECTACTULAR.


Meteorologists are watching another system that might move in from Canada at the beginning of May.

Don't worry about that yet. That system is too far off to make any accurate predictions. But they are watching it.

As always, the weather app on your phone is a good model to help guide you through this weather. But don't ever trust them with what is really going to happen.

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