Wyoming has more guns per capita than any other state.

Each Christmas the gun gap between Wyoming and all other states increases as guns and ammo are favorite presents under the tree.

But how exactly does Santa deliver all of those guns to Wyoming homes each Christmas?

It's hazardous work.

First, Wyoming is home to the command center for Wyoming's thermal nuclear devices. So Santa must make sure to get clearance before he enters our airspace. His radar signature doe kinda looks like an income missile.

Then, how to get into Wyoming homes, with guns, knowing that these homeowners already own so many guns?

There are dogs, alarm systems, and who knows what else to wake a paranoid, tin-hatted Wyoming gun owner.

Imagine trying to get all that bulk and weight down a chimney. Guns, ammo, gun accessories and that includes stocking stuffers like extra magazines and gun oil.

If the fire is lit or is still hot from before, there is a lot of ammo that might explode at the bottom of the chimney.

The only hope that Santa really has here is if he is able to convince the homeowner that he is leaving guns, not taking them.


Meanwhile, as he is leaving those presents under the tree, there is all the delicious venison just standing there on the rooftop.

Most of the people he's delivering to are hunters.

Santa better count his deer before he leaves.

Maybe he leaves an elf in the sled to keep an eye on that.

Wonder what Santa's deer think when they look into the house and see deer heads mounted.

That won't go over well.

But don't think for a moment that Santa is worried about Wyoming most of all. OH NO!

Santa tied up with Christmas lights
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Santa still has to visit Detroit and Chicago and LORD KNOWS the trouble he's going to get into when he visits the home of the famed "Florida Man."

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