Let's just come out and say it, there is an app for EVERYTHING!

There are even apps for hunting bigfoot. 

Some of these apps will help you find where he has allegedly, been spotted.

You can also get help in finding Bigfoot with these apps.

Using this app you can see where others think they have seen Bigfoot, track that, then look for your own evidence and post what you find.

Probably the only thing you have to worry about is the pranksters posting VS. the serious posts.

Universal Images Group via Getty
Universal Images Group via Getty

Is Bigfoot real? Now finding Bigfoot sightings from your mobile device has never been easier!

The new Bigfoot Search Club app lets you easily search and find real Bigfoot sightings around you with the Bigfoot GPS locator feature.

Hunt for Bigfoot sightings by distance from your location, or by state.

Find real Bigfoot sightings that are confirmed, and unconfirmed! All from actual recorded encounters by real people. The Bigfoot sightings list grows every day and is maintained by our team of experts.

Bigfoot sighting data includes the location of the sighting, the time of day, what Bigfoot was doing when seen, and even a source link to research the evidence for yourself. Plus many of the sightings include photos and videos!

You can get in on the action too! Join the club, and report your own Bigfoot sighting. (AppleAppStore).

Make sure what you are looking at is not a hunt Bigfoot game but an actual find Bigfoot app. The two can seem very much alike if you are not careful.

There are even Bigfoot hunter apps for kids like this one below.

Incase you have not heard there are people out there who are trying to catch Bigfoot on camera. That's easy today with remote cameras that can be operated by your phone.

Yes there are apps for Bigfoot camera's too. Use this link to read actual instructions on how to set up your own Bigfoot camera.

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