Back in January of 2022 Edwhip Nerklemyer loaded his SUV and told the wife and kids to hop in.

Edwhip had been married for a number of years, happily, and has 4 daughters. They were all tired of the noise and congestion of the city and wanted to try something different.

"We were going on vacation," he told them. "Let's get out of this big city and go way out west."

The first problem came when Edwhip's three-year-old daughter told him that she had to pee. Once she said it out loud then the rest of the girls in the car suddenly felt the urge.

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Being in a car full of young girls and one older wife who all suddenly have to pee is not easy when the next highway rest stop is over 50 miles away.

He was not about to suggest that he pull over so they could pee behind some sagebrush or something.

"There is NOTHING to piss behind and I have 5 Screamin Mimi's in my SUV? ARE YOU KIDDING ME WYOMING!"

They were really confused when they came across a sigh saying "OPEN RANGE." They had to look that one up.

"So, you just let those cows wander around. You know they stand in the road like they own it. You know that Wyoming? RIGHT?

cows at a cow farm
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There were other problems he noticed, like people carrying guns and acting like it was no big deal. Not one vegan restaurant that he could find for his finicky wife.

"We got out middle daughter a stuffed buffalo because she thought it was cute. Then we get to Thermopolis and she saw one for real. She wanted to go hug the real thing. 'SURE,' I told her 'Let's go.'"

"She went running out into the field, her arms outstretched, calling to this one big fella to come and get a hug. It was such a sweet picture."

Denver Post via Getty Images
Denver Post via Getty Images

Thankfully their little girl only had to spend two nights in the hospital.

"So you sell stuffed animals to us to make us think that it's okay to pet and hug the fluffy cows. Is that how it works," huffed Edwhip. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME WYOMING? I should sue somebody."

"You think all that's bad. Trying driving through hundreds of miles with no cell service and teenage girls in the car. First, they get frustrated, then angry. Then they actually start talking to each other. It's all downhill from there."

NOPE - the Nerklemyers did not have a good time.

"Next vacation I'm taking everyone to Chicago, or Detroit, where it's safe."

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