Just because you live in Wyoming, doesn't automatically mean you enjoy the cold, right? Wrong. At least not according to a study done by Instagram chart king, Matt Shirlee (@mattsurelee).

Back in December 2021, Matt posted a chart that listed all fifty states (sorry, Washington D.C.), that showed which states would rather be hot and which states would rather be cold. Wyoming was in the majority of the states that actually prefer the cold. Shockingly, less than half of the United States actually prefer being hot (only 17 states).

This, of course, was according to Shirley's nearly 420,000 Instagram followers that he had previously polled.

Along with the map chart, Matt captioned it:

I agree with everyone in blue.

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Having been born in Casper and raised between Sedalia, Missouri and Flint, Michigan, I've spent the majority of my life living in places with cooler climates. That being said, I 100% agree with this study.

No matter what the temperature is outside, I can always warm up, usually by simply going inside, turning on the heat and covering myself in a blanket. The same can not be said for cooling off.

If it's hot outside, it's nowhere near as easy to cool off.

Also, you can always put on more layers to stay warm. You can be stark naked and still hot.

I will agree, being cold can suck, but being hot makes me actually angry. I have never been mad because I was cold.

I know there ae some Wyomingites that will disagree with this study, but I urge to have this discussion with family members and friends. Most people that really don't like the cold, will leave the Cowboy State, and I'm talking for good.

So Matt Shirley, thank you for proving what I already figured to be true. The majority of us Wyoming folk due enjoy being cooler. Don't believe me... ask the multiple of people that sleep with the fan on year round.

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