Hard up for a way to get around? If you are clever you can invent something. Just put your imagination to work.

INTRODUCING: The Mop Bucket Umbrella, complete with a leaf blower.

Invented by a Florida man - what did you expect.

This clever janitor took what was around him and found a fun and fast way to get around by using the laws of physics and the old 'I don't care if I get funny looks' attitude. Then again, maybe he likes the looks he gets.

Not sure what the top speed is. I'm sure it is not anywhere near as fast as you see in this video. The video looks like a gag to me and not the real thing.  I'm also not sure how many miles to the gallon it gets either but then again, who cares.

It is leaf blowing season after all, so why not?

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Passenger capacity, uno.

There is room under the seat for whatever a quick trip to the grocery store can fit under the butt.

Just make sure the water is out of the mop bucket and the umbrella is small enough to see around while driving.

Turns are made by pointing the umbrella.

Stopping, well, I guess that's just a matter of turning off the leaf blower and dragging your feet.

So does it really work or is this a trick? Well, you give it a try and let us know. I don't care as long as it looks like he's having a great time.

The perfect vehicle for the guy who has had his license suspended and wants to head to the store for more beer. But don't tell anyone that I'm the one who suggested it.

For those who are saying that this goes against the laws of physics, here is a video of a jetliner backing up using reverse thrust. It's the same principal. Also, here is a Myth Buster episode where they test the theory. It is possible to move using this method. But nothing like you see in the video made by our man in Florida.

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