Make-A-Wish Wyoming shared a heartwarming story about a boy named Mikey.

His life was flipped upside down last spring after discovering a tumor was preventing him from growing into and experiencing the life a 7-year-old is expected to.

Since his diagnosis, Mikey has been through multiple treatments, surgeries and spent over four months in the hospital in 2022.

After the removal of the golf ball-sized tumor, Mikey lost his vision and many of the abilities we take for granted every day, such as walking, talking, eating on his own, and controlling his eyelids.

Mikey’s mom described Mikey’s condition at this point as a baby in a 7-year-old body. He had lost all motor function and developmental capability that a kid his age should have.

Mikey’s recovery focused on helping him re-learn how to walk and eat on his own. After just two months he was able to walk short distances. Right before leaving the hospital in June, Mikey was talking and taking steps on his own. Now his family celebrates his continued improvement, such as increased control of his eyelids, and the return of his vision in one eye.

“Life has taken an interesting turn. It’s been a new adventure every day since Mikey’s diagnosis. There has been a lot of learning, re-teaching, and adapting. He’s made a decent recovery in one year considering there was a chance of losing him."

In November 2022, Mikey learned that his wish to build a lightsaber would come true. In December, Mikey and his family traveled to Disney World. The trip was filled with Christmas cheer and time spent together as a family. Mikey was able to walk (and stroll) around the happiest place on earth, meeting Disney characters, experiencing fictional worlds, and of course, he built his own Star Wars lightsaber.

“The trip was nice to be able to take a break from life. We got a week where the only thing we had to worry about was boarding an airplane. The highlight of the trip for Mikey was getting to eat ice cream for breakfast.”

Sometimes a year is all it takes for a family’s life to completely change. From fearing Mikey’s diagnosis, to helping him learn to be a kid again, to taking a magical trip to Disney World. Mikey’s wish proved to be a much-needed break and reset for his family,

Since June 2022, Mikey has gained six pounds, grown five and a half inches, gets dressed on his own, walks considerable distances alone, mostly regained control of his eyelids, built a light saber, ate ice cream for breakfast, and miraculously beat the odds against his diagnosis.

“We’ve done the hospital, treatments, and surgery. Now we are onto the part of life that is moving forward. Make-A-Wish Wyoming has been an amazing experience. Not everyone gets to experience their wish, and we feel so lucky that Mikey was able to.”

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