A Natrona County man has been charged with two felony counts for manufacturing or delivering controlled substances -- meth and fentanyl -- punishable by up to 20 years in prison on each. He was also charged with four counts of possession of controlled substances; all felonies punishable by up to seven years imprisonment.

Lane Scott Huntington got out of jail for those charges on a $25,000 bond. He is being represented by Kurt Infanger. The case has been bound over to Natrona County District Court and assigned to Judge Daniel Forgey. The prosecuting attorney is Ava Covert.

On Aug. 10, the Wyoming Highway Patrol pulled Huntington over for a traffic stop. Court records say they found probable cause to search Huntington's vehicle and found 30 blue pills stamped with "M 30" that later tested positive for fentanyl.

That same day, investigators searched Huntington's residence in Bar Nunn and found about 1,900 fentanyl pills, 10.3 grams of methamphetamine, 1.8 grams of Psilocybin mushrooms, and $2,980.

In an interview with DCI agents, Huntington admitted selling large amounts of fentanyl and meth in Natrona County. From the affidavit accompanying the case it is unclear whether or not he was subsequently arrested that day.

An unnamed, confidential source told agents "that Huntington was distributing 'thousands' of fentanyl pills and 'pounds' of methamphetamine in the Natrona County area."

On Sep. 8, Natrona County Sheriffs Office deputies stopped Huntington for a traffic stop. Court records say probable cause again led to a search of his vehicle. They found a misdemeanor amount of fentanyl pills in his wallet.

On Sep. 13, pursuant to a search warrant, authorities searched Huntington's phone. They allegedly found messages consistent with the distribution of controlled substances.

They searched Huntington's residence that day and discovered about 19.7 grams of meth and about 680 fentanyl pills.

He will next appear in court for an arraignment where he will make a plea.

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