"A wish that was the best by par!’ That’s what we can only imagine Thane was thinking when his wish for a set of custom golf clubs was granted. With each and every wish, there is something magical that stands out to a wish kid. For Thane’s wish, a surprise appearance from a special guest made his wish all the more magical."

Not even a heart condition could hold back a 15-year-old named Thane from doing what he loved, playing golf.

A recent press release stated that Make-A-Wish Wyoming were able to give Thane custom golf clubs, granted by Professional Golfer Josh Creel.

Thane and Creel are both from Cheyenne and share a love of golf.

Creel wanted to take Thane's wish to the next level and collaborated with a Titleist Wedge Representative to ahve custom wedges made for Thane.

"The wedges feature his name, custom Wyoming markings, plus sayings like 'once a cowboy always a cowboy.'"

“When I found out Thane’s wish was to have a set of golf clubs, it was a nobrainer. Let’s do it! It’s funny because Thane was at a junior clinic I did a couple years earlier at Prairie View Golf Club,” said Creel.

At Thane's wish party, Make-a-Wish Wyoming set up a golf simulator so Thane and Creel could play some holes.

Moments like these change a wish kid's life, said the release, including professional athletes' lives.

“Had I not gotten into golf and gone down this path, I may never have been in this position where I can be involved with Make-A-Wish. It was humbling and not most people get a chance to do this. Hopefully Thane and I can re-connect when I am back home this summer and play a round or two of golf.”

You can learn more about becoming a volunteer for Make-a-Wish here. 

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