Rutting season means one thing: DO NOT mess with the bull elk!

It's really a bad time to do it any time, but this time of the year, just say away.


This guy thought he was safe because he was on the other side of a fence, and on the other side of a walkway.

Tell that to the bull elk, who wanted a piece of that dumb human.

That fence ain't stopping NOTHING!

I'm sure you'll enjoy the video at the bottom of this story.

attachment-bull elk insigrahm 2

Rocky Mountain National Park, one picture-taking tourist found out what happens firsthand when you get too close to such a large antlered animal. Instagram account @touronsofyellowstone, a page dedicated to everything you shouldn't do while visiting national parks, posted a video of the close encounter.

Watch a crowd of park visitors standing on a pathway taking pictures of a large bull elk sauntering along on the other side of a fence.

You tell me, but I think that the animal was giving off all the signs it could that he was not happy with all of those people being so close.

It seems that this bull HATES the paparazzi.

Single Bull Elk with antlers in green grass.

The animal approaches the fence and most of the people move out of the way.

But there is always that one guy. He stays near the fence and pauses to take one more picture right as the elk faces him.

ONE JUMP. From a standstill. That's all it takes to clear the fence.

So, what have we learned here?

Maybe you are standing too close even when you think that you are not standing too close.

Maybe we have learned that a tall fence that you can't jump is no problem for animals like this big bull elk.

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