Winter activities in Central Wyoming are really top notch. Skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, snowmobiling and skating are all possibilities for you and the family to head out and enjoy the elements.

Last week, we many were heartbroken by the announcement that David Street Station wouldn't be having outdoor ice skating, due to supply chain issues. Even though the industrial cooler needed to keep the ice frozen was check on in plenty of time, the company broke the bad news that it wouldn't be possible to get one in time for 2022-2023 season.

If ice skating is the winter activity you really enjoy, there are options.

Casper Ice Arena offers public skating times at time throughout the day.

The new Glenrock Town Square is planning on offering skating this year for the first time. The town is planning on having the Xtraice Rink they ordered from Spain, ready to go by Winter Fest on December 3rd.

Unlike David Street Station's ice rink that needs an industrial cooler to keep the ice,  Glenrock's rink will be a synthetic ice rink.

If you're wondering how this will work, Xtraice says on their website

Xtraice’s skating rink flooring has the best gliding level ever achieved. Our secret is a protector and lubricant that has been specially designed in Xtraice Laboratories. The lubricant is housed within the structure of our ice tiles when they are manufactured and it gradually comes to the surface throughout the product’s lifespan. This means the surface always maintains the optimal gliding level.

You will be able to use any type of skate to enjoy the synthetic ice rink, the rink will not require any extra water or power to keep the ice frozen and the synthetic ice is softer and will result in less injuries due to falling.

According to Glenrock's Town Square / Community Development Director, Mandy Jones:

Our rink was ordered from Spain and  is in the Port of Charleston tied up in customs at this moment. We hope to have it continue on its way ASAP.

That being said, once the Xtraice Rink arrives in Glenrock, it will only take a day or so to install. Again, it's synthetic ice, so there's no need to wait for water to freeze to make the ice.

Check out this video from Xtraice's website showing how easy it will be to install and how cool it is that you can skate on it any time.

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