Wyoming often gets left off lists for all fifty states, and even when we do make it, it's usually not in the best light, but I've got to admit that this was interesting.

A brand new article from travel and entertainment website, Thrillist, recently listed "The Weirdest Roadside Attraction in Every State" and good ole Bar Nunn was the highlight for the Cowboy State.

The Thrillist list stated:

Town of Bar Nunn

Despite its name, there are actually two bars in Bar Nunn, a Great Plains enclave of 2,981, just 10 minutes outside of Casper. One thrives on sports fandom, darts, and $2 pint specials; the other fills out a massive old airplane hangar, biplane hanging from the ceiling and all. That's because the town of Bar Nunn was built on a wide open airfield. The old runways are now comically wide roads; the town's logo is the map of the airfield's former runway layout. Today, however, there are no planes. The fastest things moving are the antelope that roam around town. And on a windy day, the tumbleweeds.

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Honestly, I can personally think of quite a few "weirder" attractions throughout the state (Devils Tower and Hells Half Acre come to mind, among other places), but these list from Thrillest always seem to make for amusing reads.

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