A 41-year-old Cheyenne man who was part of a trio who were caught with more than 1,700 fentanyl pills has been sentenced to federal prison, the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Wyoming announced late Wednesday afternoon.

U.S. District Court Judge Alan B. Johnson on Jan. 4 sentenced Daniel Lee Ellis to 63 months in prison for possession with intent to distribute fentanyl.

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According to arrest records, Ellis was riding in a vehicle with two other Cheyenne residents, Lily Marie Bullis and Raymond Paddock, on May 12, 2023, when a police officer stopped them on eastbound Interstate 80 near the Interstate 25 interchange for having expired tags.

During the traffic stop, Officer Lisa Koeppel arrived and deployed K-9 Tyler, who alerted on the vehicle.

The vehicle was subsequently searched, and Ellis, who was riding in the back seat, was found to have more than 700 suspected fentanyl pills.

Bullis, who was driving, was found to have more than three grams of fentanyl in pill form, and Paddock, who was riding in the front seat, was found to have more than 1,000 fentanyl pills.

Chief U.S. District Court Judge Scott Skavdahl on Dec. 12 sentenced Paddock to 33 months in prison for possession with intent to distribute fentanyl.

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