"Why do you keep pushing us to, like, get a job and stuff?" Steven rolled over of the sofa. His left hand mindlessly searched for a leftover popcorn kernel between the couch cushions.

After the government shut down the economy over COVID, back in 2020, then started paying people to stay home, fewer people have wanted to return to the workforce. Employers have been offering a long list of incentives for people to show up but they just can't seem to find applicants.

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As government "aid" to stay home dries up some more people have finally gotten off the sofa, as soon as their refrigerators became empty and government rent assistance came to an end.

All of this is happening just as LABOR DAY hits.

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Lazy people who did not want to get off the government dole and go back to work have found themselves "OFFENDED" by the idea of labor day. Why should we celebrate forcing people to work, after all? Lazy people are people too. We have a "RIGHT" not to work after all.

Steven rolled to his back and waved one arm in the air as we explained. "There are those 'Right To Work' states. Fine. But what about the right not to work? NOT WORKING IS A RIGHT! Oh my god, that's too much thinking. I need a nap."

A guy flung all over the couch

In preparing for my interview with Steven, which was hard to get because he was too lazy to answer his phone. When I knocked on his door he just yelled, "come in," too lazy to get up and answer it and open the door for me.

ANWAY I came across several articles from major publications where they struggle to figure out why people won't go back to work and how we can incentivize them to do so.

The answer is simple. Tell them "Get off your butt you lazy BUM!" and let them starve and become homeless if they don't.

I asked Steven if he was offended by the idea that he was expected to be self-sufficient and not a burden to society. But he had already fallen back to sleep on the sofa.

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