Have you ever seen a local restaurant and thought, I had no idea they were here?

Ever walk into a place that is different, is a good way?

That happened to me this past Saturday when I stumbled across The Bluebird Cafe' in Casper Wyoming.

It is located in a rather unassuming place.

I had driven by it several times I had never noticed it.

Casper Residents might remember it as The Cheese Barrel. Same building, different sign.

The décor was unique.

There are a few unique decorative items hanging around.

I spend some time looking at the bare ceiling and unique brick walls.

Then there were the odd things they had found to spice up the look a bit.

The music fits the look and was not obnoxiously loud.

attachment-Bluebird Cafe 9

They serve a good breakfast and lunch which, much like the inside looks for the place was just unique enough to make it different.

It's not your average sandwich shop.

The friendly staff kept us smiling.

The regular customers seemed to fit the theme of the place.

I'm a Rubin snob, so I had that.

But if you're in the mood for trying something a little unique, I'd say go for it.

The food is all of your basic American favorites with a special Bluebird twist that will make you remember it.

attachment-Bluebird Cafe 5

So let's take a look at just a few of those menu items.

As a Rubin SNOB - they passed the test.

If you're looking for breakfast, let's dress up those American favorites a little.

Are you a steak and eggs kind of person?

This will make your mouth water.

attachment-Bluebird Cafe 10

In fact, the entire breakfast menu made me promise myself to go back and try some of the more unite items they have listed.

Another thing I'm a snob about is biscuits and gravy.

I was raised in the south, so, like Rubin, I'm a snob about it.

I'll have to go back to see if they pass my high standards.

So far it looks like they would.

attachment-Bluebird cafe menue

Okay, so about that lunch menu.

Scroll down and, once again, you'll see a few items you know.

But you'll also see a few unique things that make a curious person wonder what unique take they have on that item.

I have to say I even like the names they give some of these dishes.

The Swiss Piglet?

Foul Play?

Just what the heck is the SCOUKNDREL? The description sounds delicious.

You might want to check out their dessert items too.

attachment-Bluebird cafe menue lunch

It is true, some of the best places to eat are often those places that are off the beaten path and not many people know about.

These are the kinds of places that make you remember why you like to go out and eat in the first place.

These are also the very places that we never like to see go out of business because they give our town a character of it's own.

I have no idea what this menu item in the picture below is, but I want to go back and try it. This just looks interesting.

attachment-Bluebird Cafe 11

So if you're looking for small town, unique, and cozy, I'd suggest you try the Bluebird Cafe.

They are on Center street and 6th in Casper Wyoming.

If you're anything like me when it comes to restaurants you'll come away thinking:

'Well, that was nice.'

You'll probably tell your friends about it.

attachment-Bluebird Cafe 4

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